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taskversal.com is a crowdsourcing and micro-tasking platform connecting task owners with workers all around the world in different website and apps to fulfil the end task requirements.
Being a part of our platform allow you to get a time consuming tasks done in just a couple of minutes or hours with the large base of online workers available 24/7.

We provide the Best

By using taskversal.com you ensure getting quality completed tasks with our unique worker validation and trust score. We keep tracking workers submitted proofs and the success rate and the accuracy of the data provided, to make sure the worker fully comply with the task owner needs.
Suspending workers is a common action we take to keep our network clean and trustful.

Complete Self-Serve Platform

Create, Manage, Edit, Remove, Pause, Resume and many more operations you can do it freely without the need of any assistance or an account manager.
With the complete self-serve platform you have more control over your micro task and submitted proofs.

Pay for What you Get

With the fast reviewing system you have the full control to accept or reject a worker submitted proof. Rejecting a submitted proof won't be charged.

Instant Deposit & Low Minimum

Instant deposit allow your account balance to be updated instantly with the deposit amount offering you more time to work on your micro tasks without a need to wait several hours or days to start using our platform.
Enjoy the benefit of instant deposit with low minimum amount per deposit to create multiple tasks and start getting more work done with the lowest payment possible.

Fast Review and Approval

Get your micro tasks approved in a couple of minutes or hours. And start reviewing submitted proofs.

Large base of Workers

Our platform contain a large number of active workers and expanding daily by acquiring new workers world wide. Thanks to our publishers.

DigiCrafts System

taskversal.com Created and Managed by DigiCrafts System.
DigiCrafts System is a company founded in 2018 by a small team of Digital Enthusiast looking to create useful and quality online services and platforms.

The website and its functionalities are currently in continued development and improvement to cover many more features needed in the Crowdsourcing and Machine learning world, You can participate in the improvement of this platform by sending us your ideas and suggestions and how would you like to see our service in the soon future.